Shattered Skies Aimbot, Hacks and Cheats

Is it possible to cheat in Shattered Skies?
Yes cheating is indeed possible using software that alters the code of the game to inject functions like an aimbot to automatically aim and shoot for you, wallhacks to display the location of enemy players, aliens, loot boxes, dead players ect to you and even to warn you when enemy players see you or are aiming at you at any time. Overall Shattered Skies cheats are pretty powerful and will allow you to perform very well on any server. However, this is a multiplayer game and God Modes and unlimited ammo/items ect are not possible.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in games, including online multiplayer shooters, has always been legal and will always be legal anywhere. So you don’t have to worry about a thing. The worst thing that can happen is that if you are using cheap Shattered Skies aimbots or hacks, your account may be automatically banned by an anti-cheating program (keep in mind that Free Reign Entertainment have the right to ban anyone for any reason at any time), but this is easily avoided by using quality software made by professional programmers.

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Application of Shattered Skies Hacks & Aimbots
Shattered Skies is very loot and team driven. So if you either want to get the best most shiny loot and keep it or you simply want to play alone and not be disadvantaged, using wallhacks is incredibly powerful. Wallhacks will display the positions of players and aliens to you, allowing you to easily avoid getting killed, they display items of all kinds to you, allowing you to easily get loot from loot boxes, loot packs, crates, food and water from wells, crafting materials ect. Even if you are looking to cheese the game and farm low population servers, having walls enabled will save you time and encounters with enemy players.

The Shattered Skies aimbot on the other hand is a different kind of beast: It will use whatever weapon you have and automatically lock on to enemy players or aliens at the press of a button. The aimbot can be set to automatically fire or to be fired manually, to aim for bodyshots or headshots whichever you prefer. Since there is no killcam in Shattered Skies, aimbots are very hard to detect and report, making it saver to use them than in most online shooters / survival games. However, we do not recommend that you use an aimbot to dominate whole servers, because if you piss off enough people, they will report you and you do not want to be a prick, now do you?

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Getting the Best Legendary Gear Quickly
With the use of cheating programs, getting the best gear in Shattered Skies is pretty simple: All you have to do is get a decent gun from any loot crate you find around the spawn area, get some ammo and then start chasing Supply Drops. Supply Drops will drop the best loot in the game and will usually spawn every few minutes. Since you got your aimbot ready, you will almost always be able to drive off other players that are contesting the SD and will be able to claim it for yourself. Doing this on a low population server or with the help of a squad will make it even easier. This method can also be used when it comes to farming faction reputation with the dominion, brotherhood of chaos and the merchant guild and unlocking the best crafting blueprints in the game as well. After you may want to stash your legendary weapons and gear in a dominion outpost ASAP. Wallhacks can also show you the cooldown on items like loot crates, and faction quest items, making farming extremely easy.

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Scripts: The Semi-God Mode
As we already pointed out, achieving the a god mode is impossible, since this is an online game and your health value is processed on the game server. However, there are scripts, that is a very basic form of bot, that can allow you to automatically use food, water and medical supplies whenever you need them. Using bandages, med kits, painkillers ect during combat can be counterintuitive and instead having a script automatically use your items when you are reaching a certain level of health, such as 50%, can save your from dying easily. While this is essentially just a crouch for people that are not as mechanically skilled as others, it is considered cheating my most people and probably the closest you can come to a god mode in the game, aside from being in a group of cheaters of very skilled players. Scripts can be very useful in PvP situations where every millisecond counts and you are too stressed to use your items correctly.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2

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How to behave to mitigate risk when cheating is Shattered Skies
There are a few principles you will want to stick to when using any kind or hack or auto aiming software in any kind of shooter. Sticking to these will make it extremely unlikely that you will ever get banned ever:
1. Don’t be toxic: Don’t brag, don’t flame, don’t insult people or they are very likely to report you simply out of spite.
2. Don’t use cheats to dominate others: Cheat are there to speed up progression and level your character, get gear, not to ruin other peoples fun. If you do so, you deserve a ban and you will get it.
3. Use quality software: Don’t use software by untrustworthy providers that you found somewhere on some shady site. Use quality software and anti-cheating software won’t ever detect you.
4. Don’t use cheat when playing in a group: Gamers really hate cheaters, because of bad experience, fairness, and a bit of jealousy. So don’t use them when playing is a group, unless they all cheat as well. Because no matter how much they like you, chances are they will report you if they find out. Hiding an aim bot or wall hack  in SS it is hard and it’s better not to take the risk at all.