Riders of Icarus Bots, Hacks and Cheats

Is it possible to cheat in Riders of Icarus?
Cheating is indeed possible. Bots can be used to automatically farm gold, XP and taming mounts, making most of the grind unnecessary with the exception of RoI endgame elite and legendary mounts, pets and seals. A bot can also be used to level up your mounts by automatically using them for extended amounts of time. Hacks can be used to speed up your movement and dodge attacks (speed hacks), flying hacks and jumping hacks to travel easily and Riders of Icarus teleport hacks are incredibly powerful as well and currently still possible. However, there are NO hacks for unlimited gold, xp, ellun, NX and so on, since they are stored on the game server and cannot be hacked.

Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned?
Cheating in games, including online games, is entirely legal no matter where in the world you live, especially if you are just doing it for yourself and not making any money from it. However, Nexon and WeMade Entertainment have the right to ban any player from their game for any reason. So it is recommended that you are being careful and using high quality cheating software that is undetectable and bots that act as natural as possible in order to avoid bans.

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Riders of Icarus Bots
Bots, or automated playing software, can be used in Riders of Icarus in many different ways. The most popular among them are automatically farming gold (money), experience for leveling and leveling up mounts automatically. This is done by the bot simply using prescripted or customized routes to automatically farm, automatically loot, automatically sell items and change mounts when stamina runs out ect. Bots are also able to auto quest story missions, optional and repeatable missions. In fact farming repeatable missions using bots is a very good way of leveling and farming gold in RoI.

Bots are software that is able to read your game state and generate user input based on your character coordinates, the environment, mobs, items ect. Bots are in their nature undetectable, since they are not injecting any code into the game that could be detected. However, they can be manually reported and banned if they get stuck or otherwise behave suspiciously. However any bans can always be appealed, since there cannot be 100% conclusive proof of botting. Best class for botting in RoI is the Guardian, since it can tank hits and therefore can farm higher level mobs.

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Is using Bots OK in Riders of Icarus?
A lot, if not most serious MMORPG players have used bots before because the nature of MMOs and MMORPGs is that there almost has to be a lot of farming for the whole concept to work, since these games are used as time sinks and players expect to play them for a long time. So is it bad for someone to want to enjoy the game, but not spend hundreds of hours of their life farming bores? Morally it is acceptable and on top of that bot users on average are people that spend money on the game on top of that, because obviously money is not as important to them as time, since they paid to buy a Riders of Icarus bot. Players that buy bots, but don’t buy ingame currency are really rare.

There is no objective way to say that the use of bots in RoI is ok, but it certainly has understandable causes, such as skipping a huge grind for seals, leveling mounts and companions, farming dungeons, farming XP for all the classes, taming mounts over and over again, trying to get elite and legendary mounts, farm gear and so on.

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Raiders of Icarus Hacks
Firs off there are NO ways to hack your gold, items, mounts, professions, health, taming points and so on. These values are stored on the Nexon game servers and cannot, let me repeat: CANNOT be hacked. No matter what you do short of hacking into the actual servers, which is highly illegal.

Hacks that actually exist include: Speed hacks that allow you to dodge and travel the world faster, that are also useful for PvP, teleporting hacks that can teleport you short distances, climbing hacks that allow you to walk up walls, ESP hacks to show you enemy positions and loot everywhere, auto loot hacks that automatically loot around you and some other minor stuff.