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Christmas Crash Deluxe Hack for Moves & Powerups 2016

Moves and powerups are an essential part of Christmas Crash Deluxe. You need powerups and moves to succeed. To win, you’ll need a lot of powerups and moves. Download our free Christmas Crash Deluxe hack tool now, directly from our website, to easily get moves and powerups.

Our Christmas Crash Deluxe hack tool is very easy to use. Take a look at the image below to see what it will look like. No rooting required and no surveys! All you have to do is enter the amount of moves and powerups you want.


Download our Christmas Crash Deluxe hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it will take another 30 seconds to install. You don’t need to fill out a survey or root into the game’s APK to use the 2016 hack. Enter the amount of moves and powerups you want.

Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your device like normal. Your powerups and moves will be ready.

About Christmas Crash Deluxe

What best way is there to celebrate the holidays and get into a festive mood even in your bored hours, other than by playing Christmas themed mobile games? Well, of course there are other ways to do so, but why not mix the holiday spirit with fun and challenging games? Christmas Crash Deluxe aims to provide a stressless matching experience, with its fairly simple gameplay mechanic of matching two or more of the same type of blocks, shaped like Christmas trees, santa hats, snowmans and Christmas wreaths.

While the general mechanic is as straightforward as it gets, the 125 levels of the game can still require smart solutions. Each level has goals, which are indicated on the top left side of the screen. Some levels ask you to match a certain number of blocks of the chosen type, while others might require you to melt chocolate bars by making matches on the same tiles, pop bubbles by making matches near them, or even crack ice by dropping blocks on them from above. All of these mechanics and more will be unlocked as you progress through the levels, and some will even combine them for an even greater challenge.

Other than the goals of each level in Christmas Crash Deluxe, you will also have to pay attention to the limitation of available moves. Since the game has no time limit or life limit, and you are allowed to try again an infinite number of times, the only limitation that remains is the number of moves. Your performance is rated by stars after completing a level, and doing so with the least amount of moves gets you three stars, while using more and more will degrade the rating. You can watch this rating change live on the left side of the screen, under the goals.

Even though the matching of blocks is easy, there are still moments when you don’t have many moves left and can barely make it. This is why the game features powerups, located on the bottom left side of the screen! There are four types available, including the extra moves powerup, or the color powerup, which will take off all blocks of a certain type by dragging it onto one. Then there is the bomb, used to explode blocks in a radius, and the cross bomb that takes off all blocks in a cross shape wherever it’s used.

Fortunately, the game doesn’t neccesarily force you to use these powerups all the time, as they are limited in number. After having a possible huge match on the board, made up of a lot of blocks, they will start flashing with either a bomb or a cross bomb powerup icon. This means that making the match will create the indicated powerup in its place, which then can be used for free. This can happen any number of times during the game, but can depend on luck.

Christmas Crash Deluxe also has in-app purchases to let players buy powerups, starting with prices of $2.99 for 10 uses of the bomb and 8 for the three others. The most expensive pack separate for each powerup costs $19.99 for 62 to 100 uses, depending on the powerup type. The last and most costy thing available is the combo pack though, which goes for $54.99 and includes 54 to 64 of each powerup. There are also a small number of ads which appear after every third level, and these can be disabled by using any of the in-app purchases.

Cheats & Tips for Christmas Crash Deluxe

To get the most out of Christmas Crash Deluxe, you might want to consider trying a few cheats, especially if you got stuck on a level for some reason. It’s free to try again, but it’s not always free to get powerups, so cheats can help with that! Read on to find a few tips and tricks, as well as help on how to maximize your cheats.


This is a game that plays in an uncomplicated way for the most part, but levels are still built up in a way that they make you think. For this reason you should always be on your toes and think ahead before making any sudden moves. Sometimes just taking blocks off randomly will make you run out of moves before reaching the goal, and forcing you to try again. Think and see if there are better opportunities ahead, and don’t waste your moves if you are not forced to, as your star rating will be better if you used less moves overall.

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2 📁 EXTERNAL MIRROR


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