Monster Legends Hacks, Mods, Farming Bots and Cheats (iOS / Android)

Is it possible to cheat in Monster Legends?
As in any mobile online game app, it is possible to cheat in different ways: Auto farming software also known as “bots” can allow you to automatically collect gold, food and other resources, fight automatically, equip runes, build and upgrade buildings, farm trophies and even level up your monsters. Mods and Hacks can also be downloaded ans used to cheat in the game directly. There are also some very minor exploits and Monster Legends Hacks that pop up from time to time that may get you more experience, make farming easier and are usually fixed quite quickly. However, there are no gold hacks, food or gem adders of any kind of god modes, since these values are stored on the game server and not on your PC, iOS or Android device.

What is the best cheating software for Monster Legends?

Since there are no legitimate ways to quickly add gold, food, gems or experience to your account or get god modes (unlimited health for your monsters), as that data is processed on the game servers over at socialpoint, the use of bots or automated farming and playing software is the best and most popular way of cheating in Monster Legends. Bots are able to automate simple tasks that do not require any creative thinking and since this is a fairly simple mobile online game, AI does a pretty good job at automatically playing. Monster Legends Bots are able to automatically collect money and resources from your various buildings, automatically feed and level up monsters, automatically breed monsters, farm missions and advance your quests on combat island up to lvl 100 fight and endgame content. Bots are in their nature nearly undetectable, since they do not inject code into the game app and in some cases do not even require a rooted iOS or Android device. Mods or modded game files are also a really good and easy way of cheating in Monster Legends.

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Are there working Mods for Android and iOS?
Cheating software such as bots do work for any kind of platform that you may be playing Monster Legends on: Facebook, iOS, Android and other Mobile devices. The only difference is really the actual code, who provides it, but the possibilities and effects stay the same over the different platforms. However, the platform that is preferred for cheat development in the mobile market is traditionally the Android OS, since it can be emulated on a PC contrary to the Apple iOS.

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Are there God Modes, Gold Hacks and Food and Unlimited Gem Adders?

While it would certainly be nice if these kinds of cheats existed and you were easily able to add unlimited gold, unlimited food, unlimited gems, unlimited EXP for your monsters and your account and maybe even unlimited HP to your game, that is sadly not the case. If this was possible and there were free “generators” out there that gave your these features, then everyone would be using them and socialpoint would stop making money from the game and the game would simply stop being supported and die.