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4. More LONEWOLF Overview


Lonewolf Review – Sniper Action Wrapped in Dark Story. Currently there are enough sniper-themed games that you can play on mobile devices. Call it Sniper Fury, Sniper X With Jason Statham, or Hitman: Sniper. Even though its quite high quality, some of the titles seem a bit boring. The game only focuses on running missions as efficiently as possible and upgrading weapons to make it easier for you to complete the level.

The many sniper games available on the mobile platform did not discourage FDG Entertainment from developing Lonewolf. This one sniper game claimed by the developer is not suitable to be played by teenagers who are not even 17 years old because it displays blood splashes and curses.

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Latest changelog:
β˜‘ Update as well as improvement

β˜‘ Android 4.0 versions or above
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β˜‘ Minimum 3G, while 4G and Wi-Fi is recommended
β˜‘ Allow your device to Install Apps manually (Check and Approve Unknown Sources)

More LONEWOLF Overview

Although displaying violence explicitly, is there anything different that can make the Lonewolf playing experience more exciting than other similar games? To answer this, see my review after successfully completing the following Lonewolf.

The Way of Dark Story Accompanying Every Mission, Lonewolf tells the story of a man known as … Lonewolf. He is a sniper who was recruited by a crime organization called The Assembly to kill people who are in conflict with their interests. Lonewolf always successfully finishes off the targets given by the Assembly boss with his capable abilities. But strangely, he almost never asked for payment for his work.

The organization began to be suspicious of the true motives of Lonewolf in doing its work. Their guess, Lonewolf is a cold-blooded sniper who kills just for fun. They also began to fear that someday Lonewolf would betray and finish them off.

The background story above you immediately get at the beginning of the game. To be honest, this immediately made me excited to continue playing this game, considering that it is very rare for a sniper game to provide a fairly complex story element.

The Lonewolf storyline will continue to grow as you complete dozens of available missions. The missions here do not all require you to fire from a distance. Some of them are made according to the storyline that is happening. You will even get a mission that requires you to collide with the guards of a hiding place.

Must Be Right Target, Gameplay from Lonewolf is fairly simple and difficult. Once you start a mission, you will be deployed to a place where the target is. The target must be finished in a single attempt. If your first shot misses, you wont have the chance to make a second shot because the target immediately knows where you are.

Changing weapons also didnt make me get a second chance. Even though I have used a pretty good weapon, I still did not have time to make the next shot after the first shot missed. Fortunately the responsive control scheme and the location of virtual buttons that can be customized is enough to help me make a perfect shot.

The Difficulty of Overcoming Missions That Have Many Targets to Kill, Doing shots as accurately as possible and not being able to miss even once is still reasonable and understandable, after all that is the essence of the sniper game. But in fact, the level of difficulty in this game does not only come from that.

When you are faced with a mission that has several targets. You have to know the exact sequence in killing them one by one. If your order is wrong, then you will not be able to correct the error and the mission will fail immediately.

These sequence problems made me quite frustrated, because it was very difficult to find the right sequence if the target consisted of five or more people. There is no clear indication of which target I must finish first, only trial and error that can make me complete such a mission.

Lonewolf mod offers dinheiro infinito. This is the unlimited money foreign language that lets you buy the ammo.

This difficulty is compounded by the energy model to start the game. The maximum amount of energy that can be collected is limited to only ten bars. Replenishing energy is long enough because to refill one bar takes only five minutes.

Features of Simple and Simple Upgrade Weapons, the weapon upgrade feature that you will find in Lonewolf is very minimal and simple. You dont need to collect blueprints or certain items like in Hitman: Sniper to improve the quality of your weapons. Here you only need to buy some parts that you can use for all types of weapons, or directly buy better weapons at a price that is not too expensive.

The number of weapons that you can collect in Lonewolf is also not very diverse. In total there are only twenty variants consisting of several types of weapons, such as pistols, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Most models are also made not based on real weapons in the real world.

Follow the Lonewolf Story like Reading Criminal Comics, Unlike other sniper games that pursue realistic elements from the visual side, in Lonewolf you will get a rugged visual style with a neo-noir nuance. The visual appearance displayed while carrying out a mission is not magnificent. The character image is not detailed and the movements are also very stiff. Even the visual style in the cutscene that accompanies each mission seems more prominent.

Cutscene which conveyed the storyline from Lonewolf was made in the style of black and white comics which increasingly supported the dark atmosphere of the storys background. The delivery of the cutscene made me seem to be reading Frank Millers Sin City crime comic. Not until that, the conversations in the cutscene also contain various expletive words which further strengthen the claim from the developer that this game is not suitable for children.

One thing that is quite disappointing in the Lonewolf presentation is the audio section that doesnt support gameplay. The lack of backsounds and the void of the environmental sound make the tense that I get when running a mission becomes less optimal.

Conclusion: Sniper Games with Weighty Stories, Lonewolf is indeed not the perfect sniper game. If you pursue a realistic gameplay element, then Lonewolf will not be able to provide that. The level of difficulty of some missions in Lonewolf also feels like a sneaky way that developers use to force you to buy premium features.

Despite all the shortcomings, I think Lonewolf has succeeded in eliminating my boredom with sniper games on mobile platforms that feel so-so. If you like story elements and unique visual styles, then I think Lonewolf can provide a play experience that you rarely find in other sniper games for mobile devices.


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– FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
– LONEWOLF (17+)
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