Dreadnought Aimbots, Hacks and Cheats

Is it possible to cheat in Dreadnought online matches?
Yes, indeed it is possible to cheat in Dreadnought online PvP using assistant software such as aimbots to automatically aim and shoot your guns and use your abilities (modules) to do maximum damage, visual assistance or radar hacks to warn you if you are being aimed at or flanked, scripts to automatically activate your shields and use abilities and lots more. However, there are no hacks for unlimited Grey Box Points (GP), infinite Fleet Points (FP, cooldown hacks, God Mode ect.

Is it legal to cheat and will I get banned for doing so?
Cheating in any game, including online shooters and multiplayer games is 100% legal everywhere on this blue ball we call eart. However it is against the games terms of service and therefore can potentially get you banned if the developers, Grey Box, Yager and Sixfoot, find out about it. For that reason it is recommended that you use quality Dreadnought Hacks and Aimbots provided by professionals to keep your account safe.


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Dreadnought Aimbots
In any game it is possible, since the whole game map has to be loaded onto your machine in order to run the game, to use software that scan that map for enemies and then automatically aim and shoot your ships guns at the press of a button. Usually you will bind the aiming function to a button or key, then hold that down and during that time, the aimbot will automatically aim at the target that is either closest or nearest to your crosshairs. Aimbots only lock on to targets that you have line of sight on. They can also be configured to then automatically fire your weapons after locking on to a target. Advanced Dreadnought Depending on the ship and weapons you are using Aimbots will have functions to predict enemy trajectory and will automatically lead the target to allow you to hit as many shots as possible.

Overall an aimbots is a pretty fast and efficient way to farm FP and level up your account, unlock new ships and get your account maxed. In order to avoid suspicion and bans, we recommend  you treat people with respect and only use your auto aiming software when the teams are imbalanced and you are getting rekt. Toxic cheaters that abuse aiming programs to dominate others will get manually reported and banned which is the way it should be.

Aimbots are most effective on Artillery Cruisers, and Destroyers, but will work on Dreadnoughts and even on Corvettes and Tactical Cruisers to enhance your performance.

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Dreadnought Radar Hacks and Scripts
Radar hacks work is very much the same way as aiming programs, except that instead of aiming at objects they extract information about them and display that information to you. Enemy positions, health, ship class, if they are aiming at you, if they are behind you, showing stealth enemies, showing incoming projectiles ect. Scripts on the other hand can automatically activate your ship modules such as shields, special abilities, they can heal, warp. Scripts are basically very simple bots that can react to a situation in milliseconds when human reaction time is simply too slow to handle it. Since this is a very tactical game, this kind of hack is very useful and since it is generally cheaper than aiming scripts, it is pretty good value overall.

Visual Assistants Cheats, just like auto aim programs are usually detectable, since they are injecting code in to the game itself, but most scripts, unless they are using very popular frameworks like Auto Hotkey, are generally undetectable.

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Dreadnought Exploits and Hacks
As already mentioned, it entirely impossible to get unlimited health on your ships, unlimited Fleet Points, Grey Box Points, unlock hero ships ect. This is because your account details and all important match values are stored on the game servers and not on your machine, making them unhackable. In very rare cases there may be exploits, which is to mean bugs in the game that may allow you to acquire GP or FP / Experience at an increased rate. Exploits are usually bugs that allow you to use game mechanics to trick the game into giving you a lot more rewards than you would usually get or to duplicate your currencies, set unlock costs to 0 and so on. Most exploits are patched within days of them going public, which is why we recommend only using private ones.  Exploiting is the only way to advance your Dreadnought account a lot faster or near instantly.